Sunday, September 11, 2011

Family Photo Safari's

This month we went on a Family Photo Safari!  What is that?  Well our friends who have become very special to us over the last few years the Wilson's, have been doing photo safari's for a while and we just joined them.  Basically you find a place that is target rich in the kind of photos you want to take.  We chose the Huntington Library.  Then everyone gets a camera.  So for both family's all four Wilson's and all four Zinda's had a camera.  And you just take pictures of what ever you want.  This time it was mainly flowers and bugs.  But we didn't really have a theme.  Next month we will have a theme!  

Once we were all tired and hungry we went out to eat and loaded our top 5 photos into a laptop and then one by one we each explained why we took the image.   We were allowed to ask questions, give feedback, etc.  At the end we all voted for our favorites.   It was a great day.  It was awesome to see the kids put thought into their photos at the park and their answers at the table about why they took them.  They were also very mature about how they gave feedback.  It was one of the best days we have had as a family that I can remember.  

I hope to do many more.  

Scott Z. 

Here is the link to the four Zinda Gallery's from the day.